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KBITS Start-ups for GITEX Tech Week 2017
Saturday, October 20, 2018

KBITS Start-ups for GITEX Tech Week 2017DrLive™ is a healthcare platform to implement telemedicine programs on mobile devices. The highly secure platform which is seamlessly integrated with critical vitals measuring devices such as ECG, SPO2, BP, Temperature, Heart Rate etc. is very easy to use and has proven its value in a variety of healthcare specialties and settings for patient follow ups, second opinions and primary healthcare.

DrLive™ plays an important role in the supplemental management of chronic conditions. There is widespread acknowledgment of its usefulness to impact routine care for common, uncomplicated, non-emergency medical problems such as sinus problems, respiratory infection, allergies, urinary tract infection, cold and flu symptoms and many other non-emergency illnesses. DrLive™ provides secure audio-video medical consults with a mission to emerge as a new frontier in telemedicine – one that offers safe, convenient, and cost-effective options for users via mobile and web applications.

Our expansion plans

  • Target residential/commercial establishments
  • In house consulting and pharmacy integration.
  • Building data analytics toolkits.
  • Easily accessible health devices.
  • VR enabled Smart Clinics

We are well equipped and actively seeking to partner with governments and related agencies to provide remote healthcare to all corners of their country using our technology through the power of telemedicine.

Our Team
In 2014, DrLive was founded by Chethan and Pratap who got tired of waiting for a doctor in the hospital waiting rooms all for a rushed and hurried consult. For non-emergency consults, second opinions or follow ups we realised, with the right technology, patients can have undivided attention of quality specialists from the comfort of their own home. At DrLive, our team compliment each other well, and our team consists of carefully handpicked and motivated individuals. We all have our strengths and a few weaknesses, but we share a common ambition to create a dent in the healthcare universe by helping a patient receive timely help anytime, anywhere.

Gifto - Gifting Made Easy

Gifto- Gifting Made EasyGifto is a brand promoted by Agnir Innov LLP, a technology company based out of Bangalore, INDIA. Gifto is a mobile APP providing a cognitive platform called camCommerce™ to bridge in-store gift selection and online purchase using just your phone camera. camCommerce™ is born out of the simple philosophy that though we use our phone cameras for a zillion pictures and videos, it was yet to be monetized through commercial gifting.

How does it work
Gifto uses a simple Click and Buy model to provide consumers with the unparalleled joy of spontaneous in-store gifting experience. The Gifto mobile APP uses a mix of image recognition, AI, machine learning and analytics to make this unique emotional experience a reality.

What Makes Gifto Click
Gifting Market in India: Total Market – $30Bn, Estimated Online Market – $400Mn, Target Market Share – 5% ~ $20Mn of online gifting from Festive, Personal and Impulse Gifting by 2022. Business Model: Between 10 and 12% Average commission per transaction from the Merchant.

Adoption Strategy and Go To Market

  • Average Ticket value – Rs. 500, 2.5 Mn Transactions a year, 7k a day, 50 Brand Merchants, 140 Transactions per merchant per day across all their stores and offline in India!
  • 500,000 unique Customers making 5 transactions a year
  • Continuous onboarding of Brand Merchants like Bliss Choclates, Bipha, Hidesign, William Penn, Fab India, Starbucks, Adidas and other Sports Brands etc.
  • Multi-channel promotion strategy to onboard end-consumers
  • Leveraging the habit of taking pictures to conduct commerce
  • Introduce Gifto into markets like UAE esp. Dubai, Singapore, South Korea, Japan etc.

Key Milestones
2018 H2 – Cross 40K USD
2019 H1 – Cross 100K USD
2020 H1 – Touch 1Mn USD
2021 H1 – 3Mn USD – Compounding effect of Brands and Consumers
2022 H2 – 10Mn USD

Open App

Paytm Mall appoints group veteran Amit Sinha as COO We live for the Big ideas, the next Great discoveries. Innovation - is more than a word, it is who we are. Everything we do, we do to make technology and devices more practical, usable and valuable to people. Incorporated in 2015, Open App is an Indian technology company specializing in smart locks that operate under the industry of the Internet of Things. The company, in 2016 sealed one of the largest B2B orders in its space from two of the largest ISPs in India at a deal size worth $2 million+. Open App's first product the enterprise 'Smart lock' is currently solving key management and theft issues for large corporates across sectors.

The company is hard at work and rapidly expanding into the digital lock space to provide security and key management solutions to various sections of the economy, thus solving pressing operational and economic issues for consumers and companies.

Product launch at GITEX Technology Week Exhibition

I) Forge
World's first Smart lock that emits it's own Wi-Fi
II) Force
Intelligent BLE Padlock for Enterprises

Our Future expansion plans

Media Coverage so far:


SYmbosimA Reliable Analysis, Design & Optimization Platform for Composite Structures. A Delaware C-Corporation, SYmbosim Inc. develops cloud- & server-based analysis, design & optimization platforms aimed at facilitating designers across industries to reliably & quickly adapt composites, resulting in far more efficient structures. Inspired by the unlikely combo of naturally-evolved structures, Ant-Man, Airbus A350 XWB & decades of productive research by the founders, led by Prof. Harursampath at NMCAD Lab of Aerospace Engineering at India’s topmost ranked university, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), SYmbosim has set out to democratize design, in general, & design of composite materials & structures, in particular

1. symbolic simulations with state-of-the-art mathematical techniques like variational asymptotic method
for computationally-efficient analytical closed-form solutions;
2. rigorous in-house physics-based theories for enhanced accuracy;
3. business-friendly, proven & secure public/private cloud-based computing tools for scalability; &
4. engineer-friendly user interfaces

SYmbosim offers cutting-edge analysis & design solutions, typically 100 X faster than current techniques, as accurate as desired by users & remarkably scalable to any business size. Based out of the best schools of US, India & UK, the team (Prof. Harursampath of IISc as President & CEO, M Gupta of Georgia Tech as Co-Founder [Business], Prof. R Gupta of SNU as Co-Founder [Product] & Dr. Ponnusami of Oxford as Co-Founder [Technology], ably supported by business & computer specialists) has sound reasons to believe that this would brighten the future of composites in the aerospace, energy, automotive, defense, construction & sports industries by drastically reducing the time & cost from ideation to market. The vision of the team is to provide widespread accessibility to reliable design & to advanced composites.

Market / Customer Validation
The underlying technology, validated through several publications as well as multinational industry sponsored research projects over 18 years at IISc’s NMCAD Lab, headed by SYmbosim co-founder, CEO & President, Prof. Harursampath for Boeing USA; NSERC, CRIAQ, Bell Helicopters Textron Canada & USA; DST, DRDL, CPDC, GTRE, ADE, HAL India etc. His other startup, MultiFun Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a multifunctional composite designer & manufacturer as well as student teams led by him on the same core technology as SYmbosim’s, have won 10+ major international awards, including Future Materials Awards, University Startup World Cup, UNESCO-Airbus Fly Your Ideas & Airbus Innovation Showdown. SYmbosim can provide actual testimonials from decision makers in various industries who have used VAM & other related deliverables of Prof. Harursampath’s teams.

SYmbosim was amongst 30 startups selected from 400+applicants for Y-Combinator office hours at Berlin; & amongst 7 (out of 140) for Airbus BizLab Accelerator Season 2 in Bangalore & invited to BizLab Hamburg too. SAP Startup Lab as well as SAP Aerospace & Defence have expressed interest in hosting/ collaborating with SYmbosim. SYmbosim has also been in discussion with Hannover Impuls, Germany regarding possible investment. The concept has been well received as the market size for such software by 2021 is estimated to be about 3.5 billion USD, based on data related to licensing & pricing of three leading FE-based commercial design software.

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