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Saturday, October 20, 2018
11 Days to Go before Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Idea Roll out Aadhaar-Sim Linking via OTP

11 Days to Go before Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Idea Roll out Aadhaar-Sim Linking via OTPAirtel, Jio, Vodafone, Idea will roll out Aadhaar-Sim linking from December 1, which means only 11 days are left now.
In order to make it convenient for users to get their mobile sim card linked to aadhaar from anywhere and everywhere without even visiting their outlets, the telecom operators such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular and Jio have been instructed by the UIDAI to connect 12-digit identification number via OTP (one time password) received on their mobile phones. The deadline for linking Aadhaar wil mobile SIM card is February 6, 2018. .

The facility will be rolled out from December 1, which means only 11 days are left now. Last week, the UIDAI approved the telecom operators' blueprint presented by telcos to operationalise the OTP based sim reverification of existing subscribers from December 1.

"Their (telecom operators') plans have been approved... They have come and we have told them they will implement (the process) from December 1," UIDAI CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey had told PTI last week.

While the authentication of mobile phone number with Aadhaar, a process called re-verification, by visiting stores of telecom firms will continue, the government has ordered the companies to carry out the exercise at the doorsteps of the disabled, chronically ill and senior citizens.

He said the new methods would also "help achieve the (re-verification) task in the given timeframe (February 6 deadline) and make the whole system more secure as it will prevent misuse of mobile number by unscrupulous elements". ( Source:NDTV)

Amazon India Starts Selling SIM Cards; Get a New Airtel or Vodafone Postpaid Connection at Your Doorstep

Videocon Telecom to strengthen Wallcam distribution networkAmazon India is experimenting various new things in the Indian market. The e-commerce company has started selling SIM cards on its portal. For now, Amazon is selling only Airtel, Vodafone new postpaid SIM cards. In addition, customers travelling abroad can also purchase international SIM cards based on the area. Firstly, Amazon India is selling Airtel and Vodafone postpaid SIM cards, meaning you can get a new Airtel or Vodafone postpaid connection at your doorstep itself. Although Airtel is officially offering doorstep new postpaid connections, Vodafone is not yet offering any delivery of SIM cards.

So, you can now get a new Airtel postpaid connection right from Amazon itself. Currently, four Airtel myPlan Infinity postpaid plans of Rs. 499, Rs. 799, Rs. 1199, and Rs. 1599 are listed online, and Vodafone’s RED postpaid plans of Rs. 499, Rs. 699, Rs. 999, Rs. 1699, Rs. 1999, and Rs. 2999. While purchasing Airtel postpaid connection, Amazon is asking Rs. 200 as a security deposit, while Vodafone new postpaid connection costs Rs. 15. Also, Amazon promises free delivery of SIM card and that too within 24 hours.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Purchase the SIM card from Amazon India
  2. In 24 hours, operator’s executive will arrive at your location to deliver the SIM card and collect documents.
  3. Next up, the executive will verify your address, after which the activation process will begin.
  4. Within two days, you new postpaid connection will get activated, and you can enjoy the services
Aforesaid, Amazon also listed a few international SIM cards on Lycamobile network. If you’re travelling to countries such as the United States, UK, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe, and Belgium. The company might add few more countries as well in the near future.

The tariff plans to these countries vary. For the USA, Amazon has listed a plan of Rs. 4000 that offers unlimited voice calls, unlimited data (7GB of 4G) and unlimited data. Amazon is also offering 15% cashback if you purchase the SIM card using Amazon Pay balance. That said, the minimum amount to get the cashback is Rs. 500 and the maximum cashback is Rs. 300 per user. (Source: Telecom Talk)

Expanded WLAN Measurements under Realistic Operation Conditions

Expanded WLAN Measurements under Realistic Operation Conditions RF Quality Tests with Security On using Network Mode

Anritsu Corporation starts sales of its WLAN Security Function MX886200A-020 software for MT8862A, supporting evaluations of devices with built-in WLAN functions for the rapidly growing IoT market using the Network Mode even when WLAN security is on. The Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A uses the Network Mode measurement function to execute tests while the WLAN device is actually operating; adding this new security function supports evaluation while the WLAN device built-in WEP, WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal, etc., security is on.

With the future spread of IoT devices using built-in WLAN incorporating security functions, more devices are expected to be operated while security is on, and Anritsu hopes this new option for the MT8862A will help further improve the quality of WLAN devices.

[Development Background]

WLAN are appearing rapidly not only in mobile devices such as smartphones, but also in many other applications, including home electronics like TVs and cleaners, the connected car, industrial equipment, sensors, and more because of expanding IoT.
Makers of these equipment are receiving increasing end-user enquiries about wireless reception range and sensitivity, etc., and are expected to see increasing need for actual operating conditions testing as well as for WLAN measuring instruments.
To ensure WLAN security, many devices have functions for switching security settings on and off, but the need for data security is becoming increasingly important as applications diversify. Consequently, many WLAN devices are expected to operate under actual operating conditions with security functions set to on and many commercial models with WLAN functions will probably eliminate the ability to disable security settings.

Under these circumstances, in addition to supporting previous WLAN evaluation with security off, installing the WLAN Security Function MX886200A-020 software in the MT8862A now supports WLAN evaluations in the Network Mode under actual operating conditions with security set to on.

[Product Outline]

The MT8862A is a WLAN measuring instrument supporting IEEE802.11ac/n/g/b/a. It uses built-in communications protocols and performs tests of WLAN device RF TRx characteristics (Tx power, modulation accuracy, Rx sensitivity, etc.)in the Network Mode.

[Key Features]

  • Measurement with Security On
    Installing the WLAN Security Function MX886200A-020 in the MT8862A supports evaluation of WLAN devices while security functions are on, allowing WLAN device makers to evaluate their products under near-to-end-user usage conditions.
  • Supports Firmware and License Installation from Web Browser
    This security function option is used by performing MT8862A firmware updates and option license installation from a web browser, eliminating the need for factory upgrades.
[Target Markets and Applications]
  • Target Markets: Vendors of smart home appliances, automobiles, gateways, etc, with built-in WLAN functions
  • Target Applications: Testing of RF TRx characteristics of devices with built-in WLAN (Source: Convergence Plus)
Aadhaar may add security layer with dummy numbers

Aadhaar may add security layer with dummy numbers Amid the privacy and protection concerns voiced by various groups, the top team of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is exploring the possibility of introducing dummy numbers that would add an extra layer of security to every Aadhaar cardholder. Such a framework would require an individual to share dummy or pseudo numbers — and not the real Aadhaar number — to government agencies, private utilities, banks and while withdrawing money from ATMs or moving funds from one bank account to another under the Aadhaar-enabled payment system. Besides the cardholder, the original Aadhaar number would be known only to UIDAI. Two senior persons in the industry told ET that the concept has been discussed at senior levels in UIDAI but is yet to be finalised.

No details yet
The creation of dummy numbers and the frequency at which it can be generated and used would depend on the design architecture of the system. “It may not help if a permanent dummy number is given against every Aadhaar number. The primary job of Aadhaar is authentication — to ensure whether the right person is using the services. So, if there can be a dynamic system where an individual authenticates with the electricity company using one dummy number, with the telephone company using another dummy number, and generates new dummy numbers for monetary transactions like one time passwords (OTPs), then there is no one Aadhaar number that can be traced back to the person. And, in the absence of a single number, it is very difficult to misuse Aadhaar to track someone’s personal data,” said a person familiar with the concept.
However, there are no details available on UIDAI’s final stand on such a proposal — whether and in what form it could be brought in. Ajay Bhushan Pandey, chief executive of UIDAI, did not respond to texts, WhatsApp messages, and phone calls. (Source: Economic Times)

Idea Cellular expects to ink 4G ICR arrangements with Vodafone, to launch VoLTE in 2018

Idea Cellular expects to ink 4G ICR arrangements with Vodafone, to launch VoLTE in 2018Idea and Vodafone had last month entered into an active Infrastructure sharing arrangement to avoid duplication of spends and make the best use of capital expenditure (capex).

NEW DELHI: Idea Cellular said it expects to close the new 4G ICR arrangements with Vodafone India at the earliest for an additional 4G coverage in nearly 5,000 new towns and neighboring villages for each operator. Idea and Vodafone had last month entered into an active Infrastructure sharing arrangement to avoid duplication of spends and make the best use of capital expenditure (capex). Both telcos have now started to enjoy expanded coverage from such shared sites.

Idea said that it is on course to introduce its own VoLTE – ‘Voice over LTE’ by early calendar year 2018.
As 4G adoption rate is ahead of initial company estimates primarily driven by affordable smartphones, expanding 4G coverage and world’s lowest ‘voice and mobile broadband tariffs’, almost all of Idea’s incremental network capital investments is allocated to 4G expansion (including fiber and capacity).

The 4G population under Idea's coverage has nearly tripled from 14.8% (~170 million) in the second quarter last year to 38.1% (~450 million), reflecting Idea’s aggressive intent to participate in emerging 4G consumer market.

In order to support the burgeoning demand of mobile broadband services, Idea has also increased its fibre backbone network by more than 50,000 kms (100,400 km in Q2FY16 to 150,500 km in the second quarter.

On overall terms Idea’s gross investment in fixed assets has now risen to over Rs 122.2 crore, a net addition of Rs. 486 billion (capex + spectrum) during the last 24 months. The capex spend for the current quarter was Rs. 19.7 billion, the telco said. As industry operating tariffs tumble, voice and data volume growth partially compensated the steep rate fall. During this low demand period, Idea's sequential quarterly voice minutes grew by 1.7% to 255 billion minutes and mobile data volume (2G+3G+4G) witnessed strong sequential growth of 73.5% (on back of 99.1% growth in the first quarter) as Idea’s pan India data network carried 438.7 billion MB.

Idea said that the broadband data usage (3G+4G) has nearly doubled to 413 billion MB in the second quarter from 228.8 billion MB in the first quarter. While the total mobile data users on Idea network remained flat at 38.2 million, the broadband (3G+4G) subscribers increased by 3.2 million to 29.6 million in second quarter. (Source: ETTelecom)

Aircel Partners With Amazon to Offer Cashback on Unlimited Calling Plans

Aircel Partners With Amazon to Offer Cashback on Unlimited Calling PlansAircel has announced a cashback offer that will provide buyers of the operator’s Unlimited plan cashback on payments made using Amazon Pay balance. The new offer is applicable only on select Aircel recharges purchased via via Pay balance and provides customers Rs. 75 cashback.

Additionally, the operator has launched a Rs. 146 plan that is available only via the Aircel app. The new plan provides unlimited calls and 5GB of 3G/ 2G data for 28 days.

Anupam Vasudev, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel said, “We want to pitch Aircel Mobile App and Amazon as the best recharge and service destination for Aircel consumers and are confident that these value-loaded offerings on Aircel App and Amazon Pay are not only going to delight our customers but also tip the scale for the fence-sitters to adopt and embrace the convenience of digital payments, available on their phones.”

Sriram Jagannathan, Vice President, Amazon Payments, said, “We are happy to partner with Aircel to extend the trusted and convenient Amazon Pay experience for customers on their preferred telecom service provider.”

Aircel rival Reliance Jio will also announce a cashback offer on Thursday evening, wherein it will provide Prime users benefits worth up to Rs. 2,599 on purchasing recharges of Rs. 399 or more. The Mukesh Ambani-backed operator is partnering with wallet companies, e-commerce websites, and fashion and travel sites to provide the vouchers and cashbacks to the tune of Rs. 2,599. Airtel had also offered 100 percent cashback on its Rs. 349 recharge a few weeks ago. (Gadgets 360, NDTV)

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