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Friday, June 25, 2021
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Telecommunications industry witnessing drastic growth in mobile Internet traffic

By Shah Mir Ali Baig

Aniket DebCompany vision and the strategy it intends to follow to achieve its vision.

Ans:Bizongo is a B2B e-commerce marketplace catering to the large Packaging, Paints, Plastics and Chemical industry in India. Our main vision is to revolutionize the B2B sector and bring businesses online. We strive to empower buyers and sellers with technology to make trade easy and bring businesses online. For this, we first adopted a feet-on-street approach to meet the local traders and understand their problems. We currently have a large number of suppliers registered with us and are in the process of getting more on board.

Please share the key focus areas for Bizongo? New product offerings/business solutions?

Ans: Our background research helped us conclude that around 70% of Chemicals and Plastics OEMs, manufacturers and traders are located in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Since Bizongo is based out of Mumbai, we arrived at the decision to concentrate on Plastics, Packaging and Chemicals and tap this untouched market of $170 Billion.

We recently launched 'Direct sell' facility for our industrial and non-industrial buyers who can now buy products in retail quantities. We have also partnered with leading logistics companies to provide country wide free shipping to our customers.

What are the key factors that have contributed to the success of the company?

Ans: The supreme reason for our success is the amazing and hardworking Bizongo team. We have individuals from diverse backgrounds who bring with them a unique skill set that has helped us grow. Another factor we could attribute our success to is the fact that we deliver what we promise. We have dedicated ourselves to improve our platform and business model to provide best customer satisfaction to our customers. And that is something we shall continue to do even as we expand.

How do you differentiate your company from the other players operating in the same segment?

Ans: Our competition like which is an IndiaMART subsidiary and startups like concentrate mainly on industrial machinery and hardware tools while we concentrate on Plastics, Packaging and Chemicals. Also, the lack of proper filtering and segregation of products on their websites often result in irrelevant leads which causes displeasure among suppliers. As a solution to this, we have developed an advanced search algorithm and well defined filters to give relevant leads and make online trading easy for the buyer and the supplier. Our quotation generator and seamless chat platform makes sending and receiving quotations a hassle free process . We are providing our customers with all the tools required to make trade easy.

How do you see the industry developing in the future? Upcoming trends?

Ans: The B2B sector in India has a bright and optimistic future. The sector is currently valued at $400 Billion and is poised to increase to $700 Billion by 2020. With the surge in the number of internet users and the number of young businessmen/businesswomen/entrepreneurs, businesses have started coming online to harness sophisticated technological tools. India is home to 50 million SMEs and is soon expected to overtake China in this metric. People want to employ the best business practices. We are currently at the brink of a paradigm shift is just waiting to happen.

Available opportunities and roadblocks that impact this sector?

Ans: We are aware that the current business practices prevalent in India and the attitude of Indian businessmen/businesswomen has to undergo certain transformation in order for them to tap the gigantic ocean of opportunities that awaits them. Businesses are looking to become uncomplicated and more efficient and that is exactly what we want to deliver. Bizongo will open the door for all Indian goods and help them reach to the global market. Our government's initiatives such as GST and Make In India will go a long way in making Indian businesses function smoothly. Even as adoption of technology across certain industry verticals remains a point of concern, we at Bizongo are optimistic and believe that strategic approach and our dedication will help us bring businesses online.

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