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Friday, June 25, 2021
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Anuj Gupta- Chief Strategy Officer at hSenid Business Solutions

By Yash Menghani

Anuj Gupta- Chief Strategy Officer Tell us about your company and its vision?

hSenid Business Solutions is a premier Human Resources Information Systems solution provider; specializing in holistic human resource applications both on premise and cloud based, HR services outsourcing and software development. hSenid is growing at a very rapid pace and is now operating from Sri Lanka, Australia, Singapore, India and Africa. Since its incorporation in 1997, hSenid has acquired over 750 clients globally, across 18 industries from 30+ countries. hSenid’s vision in simple words “Make life easy” by using ICT.

What were the key factors that have contributed to the success of the company?

The most significant factor is that the commitment and dedication of the staff, especially the upper management of the company. Being able to deliver future products today for our customers has contributed us a lot. Adoption of new technology and delivering the best service for our customers are some of the other key factors that have helped us to bring the organisation to current position.

How do you differentiate your company from the other players operating in the same segment?

We provide the state of the art HRIS systems to streamline the HR processes of organisations operating in the world. Localisation of payroll and other system and 24hour support service make sure that our product is used with ease.

We have a clear product road map, cloud based system and 2 new releases each year. We have placed ourselves as the most innovative HRIS in the current market.

What is your strategy to reach out to your customer base to position yourself as a credible organization in their minds?

The key strategy is to scale with well reputed and recognised partners around the world and expand our customer base more. hSenid is an award winning organisation which is also certified hacker proof.

How do you see the industry developing in the future?

This is an industry that could have direct impact from technological changes that takes place in the world. Client’s requirements change and increase day by day. With business process automation taking place at a rapid pace the market is still has potential to grow with the new technology.

About hSenid Business Solutions:

hSenid Business Solutions is a leader in on-premise and cloud-based Human Resource Information Systems, with over 700 customers across 30 countries in over 18 industries. These solutions cover an array of key HR functions from; core HR to Social HR, analytics, dashboards and talent management. hSenid Business Solutions continues to be an innovator changing the way organizations nurture their human potential. Operating from Australia, India, Kenya, Singapore and Sri Lanka, hSenid has been HR solutions for over 18 years. Our configurable and flexible solution reduces operational expenditure, and can be easily tailored to meet the needs of diverse organizations from as little as 50 to as many as 50,000 employees, with ease.

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