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Friday, June 25, 2021
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C P Manoharan, Sr. Systems Engineer Manager – Spirent Communications

By Yash Menghani

C P ManoharanAs cyber threats have advanced significantly, how is Spirent helping enterprises counter these threats?

Spirent offers state-of-the-art testing technology to help organizations gauge the performance and effectiveness of security environment by emulating the most realistic traffic volumes and a wide range of threat and attack scenarios. Spirent solutions can help validate: Next-generation network security, Malware detection, Virtualization and cloud security, Cyber security framework, BYOD use on the corporate network and Performance of application-aware networks.

What kind of testing solutions Spirent offers in the market?

Spirent’s CyberFlood™ gives organizations state-of-the-art testing technology to help them gauge the performance and effectiveness of security environment by emulating the most realistic traffic volumes, and a wide range of threat and attack scenarios.

The Spirent SecurityLabs’ services are structured to produce high-impact results with minimal impact on the client organization. Our dedicated teams of experienced security professionals offer comprehensive scanning, penetration testing and monitoring services for networks, wireless, websites, mobile applications, embedded devices, automotive, as well as source code analysis.

Spirent also offers a scalable framework-based solution with enhanced mutation-based test cases to provide maximum test coverage to support customer-imported protocols, with the ability to scale utilizing hyper-realistic L4 - L7 traffic. Mutation-based fuzzing seed values are used to easily alter the negative inputs used in the test and to allow for the same mutation to be used in on-going or future tests.

Spirent’s Advanced Malware testing solution provides the means to verify the network’s ability to defend against today’s sophisticated malware constructs with an up-to-date database of malware samples and from a variety of test vectors.

As there are multiple mobile applications available today, how does Spirent test solution help detect and validate threats, if any?

CyberFlood provides product development teams creating next generation content-aware devices and solutions a competitive advantage by helping them get to market more quickly with proven scalability, security and performance.

With CyberFlood, users can quickly and easily test with the latest and greatest applications
and attacks (updated continuously), all with unparalleled realism and scalability. Engineers can push their solutions to the limit while ensuring the infrastructure will stand up to real-world demands.

Spirent’s CyberFlood includes our TestCloud, giving users access to thousands of ready-to-run performance and security tests and the ability to create new tests as soon as new applications or protocols emerge. With thousands of user scenarios—from mobile handset-based applications to the latest in P2P file transfer—CyberFlood delivers.

Bring your own device (BYOD) is common and enterprises cannot stop employees connect their device with the enterprise network. What are the challenges and how does Spirent help?

According to a study, more than 60% of employees bring their own devices to work (e.g., smartphones, tablets, personal laptops) and access corporate resources with them regardless of corporate policies. From the corporate IT perspective, these means hundreds or thousands of unauthorized devices inside the organization—running unvetted code of unknown quality or intent—have access to the corporate network.

This creates a big challenge when it comes to ensuring the security of your network and access to data. With Spirent BYOD testing, you can analyse your network’s security response by emulating connections and activity on hundreds or even thousands of non-corporate devices in a matter of minutes.

As cloud has become common in the last few years, how does Spirent help in testing virtual appliance performance and how effective are virtual security devices.

With many business services moving to the cloud, it’s important to understand the impact on customers and end-users. Spirent solutions enable you to test the performance, scalability and security of your cloud-based applications in a wide range of planned and unplanned scenarios.

The Application Testing and Enhanced HTTP bundle are two features of Spirent Avalanche that are targeted specifically at Cloud and Web application testing—whether the end goal is to test a Web application, a Web service, a cloud application or a network device.

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