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Monday, April 19, 2021


Escalated Business Opportunities for Technology Providers: The Perquisites of Video

By Pramit Kumar

Escalated Business Opportunities for Technology Providers: The Perquisites of Video

Video has successfully evolved manifolds, specifically within the business domain The main reason apart from saving a lot on transit expenditure, video has successfully “personalized” the remote meetings. Video has answered the most prominent business challenges like managing distributed workforce, taking care of internal communications, faster and informed decision making and inculcating BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to have a more flexible working hours. However, these are mostly relevant to the end users. Talking about the technological partners, video enabled solutions invokes incredible sale opportunities for them as well. The following discussion shows how can Service Providers be benefited from PeopleLink Solutions.

Understanding InstaVC as a solution

The InstaVC video engine is the part of PeopleLink core engine, a proprietary software module based on the WebRTC technology, Google’s next generation collaboration and communication technology. This is a video collaboration platform allowing client-less, plugin-free real-time communication. P2P (Peer-to-Peer) audio, video and data sharing between browsers is equally capacitated. It is a perfect solution that can easily reconcile and administrate the communication requirements of any enterprise in any business vertical.

Business benefits for the technology partners and Service Providers

Investing in InstaVC channelizes numerous opportunities for the technology partners, here is an overview. InstaVC is completely customizable and can be branded as per requirement through white labelling. Self-branded solutions are easy to market and resell among customers, especially among the old clientele, who might not have a higher acceptance for new technology. The InstaVC APIs can be integrated with existing solutions to enhance its usability for the end users. Easy to use Apps, designed with the help of the SDKs is an added gratuity.

The service providers in the domains of Telemedicine, Tele Healthcare and ELearning can offer better organized work flow the end-users by proposing InstaVC integration within their regular business processes. Video-enabled Learning Management Systems, Anchorpeople, Digital Signage are the different platforms based of the InstaVC engine, that has revolutionized the existing business processes of the end users in three main business verticals; Healthcare, Education and Retails. The inclusion of video has trans mutated their existing business pattern. Businesses are now more user-focuses, successfully answering the pain-points of the end-users.

The inclusion of video, enhances usability and also add a large amount of technical sophistication to any process. A user-friendly technology will attract large users, willing to subscribe for the services offered.

Perquisites for the cloud deployment and UCaaS partners

The cloud deployment, maintenance, installation and after-sale training and support for the InstaVC can solely rest on the cloud deployment and the UCaaS partners. They can have their respective service charge and are also eligible for a shared percentage from their Telecom and ISP counterparts.

The Telecom/ISP providers can sell the connectivity in form of subscriptions to the end-users for a respective amount of subscription charge. They are eligible for the complete fund collection. However, as already mentioned, both the technology and cloud deployment partners are apposite for a certain percentage of share.


The purpose of the paper is to project the assorted business opportunities that InstaVC opens up for Technology and Service Providers. Video has already initiated positive changes in current business scenarios. PeopleLink’s solutions are adept for skyrocketing business usability multiple times. The technological resellers and related service providers will have an expanded scope to scale up their offerings and thereby earn higher revenues.

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